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ICN community members are welcome to attend the ICN board meetings except if it’s an executive session, which is open to board members only.

Board meetings are held every first and third Saturday of the month and begin after Fajr prayer. Location is determined as follows:

  • ICN Olesen – 1st Saturday of each odd numbered month
  • ICN Ogden – 1st Saturday of each even numbered month
  • ICN 75th Street –  3rd Saturday of each month

Calendar is below:


Date and time Location
February 2, 2019 ICN Ogden
February 16, 2019 ICN 75th Street
March 2, 2019 ICN Olesen
March 16, 2019 ICN 75th Street
April 6, 2019 ICN Ogden
April 20, 2019 ICN 75th Street
May 4, 2019 ICN Olesen
May 18, 2019 ICN 75th Street

Frequently asked Questions

Can non ICN paid members attend the meeting?2019-02-22T22:09:36-05:00

Yes, the board meeting is open to any ICN community member, paid or not.

Do I need to register beforehand to attend board meetings?2019-03-07T13:43:19-05:00

There is no need to register. ICN community members can just show up for the meeting at its scheduled time. However, if a community member has an item that they would like to add to the agenda, please send a request to and we will try to accommodate the request in the earliest available slot.