Purpose/Objective: To sustain spiritual youth programming, particularly for male youth of the Naperville area by coordinating and organizing events throughout the year.

Position requires someone who is passionate in youth work, willing and able to reach out and connect to all types of youth, and work in conjunction with the Sisters Youth Director to build on, grow, and continue to develop a dynamic youth program that serves the needs of our youth.


  1. Day to day logistical coordinator for spiritual-social programs conducted for middle school and high school boys. Oversee teams for programs and work with them to coordinate vision and logistics of programming.
    1. Heartbeats-Middle school program- biweekly boys program.
    2. Revival-High school program-weekly program for High school young men.
    3. 1439 (college students and young professionals), 1-2 session per month, plus meetings with 1439 team.
    4. Additional programming throughout Ramadan (Qiyams for high school and college, Quran Club, and continued programs for all age groups)
  2. Recruit and manage youth volunteers to develop team and sustain programs.
  3. Develop relationships with local high school MSA’s and assist as needed. Help to oversee the Mobile Real Talk program at local area High School MSAs.
  4. Respond to inquiries related to youth, direct to resident scholar or educational director as needed.
  5. Manage publicity, advertising for youth programs and collect and follow through on feedback.
  6. Approximately 5-10 hours on-site per week (depending on the volume of programs in given week), 10 hours remote per week.
  7. Work with Educational Director and the Board to monitor/assess finances and administer budget.
  8. Coordinate with youth program team of Al-Falah weekend school to assist with youth development and weekend school programming.

-Report to and work closely with Educational Director

Interested applicants should email their CV and a brief paragraph on why they are interested in the position to our Educational Director, Sh Omar Hedroug, at omarhedroug@icnmasjid.org.