Need Any Special Accommodations?

In order to help improve the accommodations and accessibility services provided by ICN Youth, we […]

Need Any Special Accommodations?2020-01-31T20:25:32-06:00

Boys’ Youth Director Position

ICN is looking for a part-time Boys’ Youth Program Director. ICN has many engaged and […]

Boys’ Youth Director Position2019-09-13T07:34:28-06:00

March 1st: Revival Open House

Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa baraktuhu

We hope and pray that this email finds you in […]

March 1st: Revival Open House2019-03-07T13:44:54-06:00

ICNYouth Council – Apply Now!

It’s that time again! ICNY is reopening applications for college students and young professionals who […]

ICNYouth Council – Apply Now!2019-01-24T20:39:42-06:00